New Arrivals at Wild With Nature

We have had a very exciting week at Wild With Nature with four new arrivals!

Eight of our Belted Galloway ladies are due to calf this spring. Four have arrived so far. Gracie, Giles, Gordon and Gertrude.

It is Belted Galloway tradition that each year’s calves start with the next letter of the alphabet. This is why all of this years calves' names start with G and last years calves were F.

We are pleased to introduce you to...


Gracie, born 15th March to mum Rebecca.


Giles, born 16th March to mum Daisy.


Gordon, born 20th march to mum Cynthia.


And most recently, Gertrude, born 21st March to mum Carina.

Dorothy, Diana, Debbie and Cindy are also due really soon and we can't wait to meet them.

We hope that you’ll join us at Wild With Nature soon to enjoy a well-need staycation to meet the cows!