Where to have a corporate retreat

Before we look at where to have a corporate retreat, we must consider what a corporate retreat is, so we will cover that before we show you how to plan a corporate retreat.


team building


What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat is generally a place to relax and enjoy silence. It is a place to team build, and it is a place to build memories and enjoy the company of your peers.


In recent years focus has really shifted from work to work-life balance. This means people and businesses are rethinking what is important. More than that, they are reassessing what is important to them, and many companies have opted for hybrid working or 4-day weeks - To keep their staff, businesses are changing and focusing more on the workplace experience.


So, it appears that you are also considering a corporate retreat, perhaps as a way to engage, reward or just show your team how important it is. Maybe you are looking to increase productivity or just tighten bonds.


How to plan a corporate retreat

There are event companies that will support activities or provide custom event merchandise to support your trip to Wild With Nature Glamping.


Things to consider for your retreat

  • How many of them are you?
  • Do you want shepherd huts or yurts
  • Would you like to do natural swimming
  • Do you want to make pizzas
  • Would you like catering
  • Would you like massages
  • Would you like us to stock your drinks
  • How long would you like to stay
  • Are you considering walking the trails


What's next is deciding to get in touch and begin the conversation with our team.

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