Group Glamping in Norfolk

In this article we discuss the benefits of Group Glamping and whole site hire for your event. We look at why this is a great opportunity and how it can add to your expeirence. 

safari tent

What is Group Glamping? 

Group glamping is typically when more than one family hires two or more shepherd's huts and stays with us. However, if you are looking for group glamping, it may also mean that you are looking for whole-site hire glamping. This is available, so please speak with our team.

It is fantastic to be able to hire enough space to cater for a group and have the ability to get some privacy and space dedicated to yourselves. At Wild with Nature, we also have the Safari tent, which is a large communal space, and when the good old British weather isn't warm and sunny (which is normally is in Norfolk), then your party can enjoy the cover and comfort of the Safari tent, with cooking, games and refrigerator facilities. The Safari tent is an exceptional space that is superb for large families and groups; it's a great place to chill out and relax. 

group glamping in Norfolk

What are the most popular reasons for Group Glamping?

  • A big birthday, commonly the 21st, 40th, or 60th.
  • Life milestones, retirement, clear health.
  • Wedding-related, hen do, group celebration.
  • Reunions, family or friends.


Why do people want to hire Wild With Nature? 

  • Because of the Group Glamping.
  • For the tranquil environment.
  • The opportunity to wild swim.
  • Access to conservation land.
Completed Sundowner Hut

Can we hire the whole site?

Yes, you can hire the whole site, and this is a brilliant way to offer exclusive luxury in the heart of Norfolk's beautiful countryside. If you want to hire the site, it guarantees a controlled environment for you and your party. There are two hot tubs with the Honey Pot Meadow stay, and it is possible to hire the lake site for Glamping with a hot tub.

Final thoughts

As we've explained, there are a number of reasons why you might be interested in hiring the entire Wild with Nature Glaming site for your special event. We have also explained why it's a good idea and highlighted some of the things you can do. It's a unique opportunity for exclusive luxury glamping. Please use the contact form on the site to register your interest. It is essential to book early because group bookings are only possible when the site is free, and due to its popularity, it is vital to book ahead. If you have any questions, please ask for Mel, who'll be very happy to answer any questions and help you create the perfect experience.