The Farm

Set on the edge of the Brecks, in the heart of East Anglia, Manor Farm is spread over 750 acres of glorious Norfolk countryside. Once a traditional arable farm complete with chickens, pigs, turkeys and vegetables. The farm has moved away from intensive farming methods and slowly returned to nature, transforming it into something truly spectacular. Spread over 750 acres, the site is made up of a mixture of farmland, wildflower meadows, lakes and woodland. By letting parts of the farm lie fallow, creating wild birdseed plots and wildflower meadows, the landscape is now transforming into a wildlife and conservation haven.


Manor Farm and Wild With Nature are set in the Breckland village of Shropham. The area was made famous by author Mary Mann, who lived at Manor Farm and wrote about rural life during the early 20th century. Shropham was the setting for one of her most famous books, the Tales of Dulditch.

Although Shropham feels a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the modern world it is less the two hours from London, 40 minutes from Cambridge and just 30 minutes from the heart of Norwich. Norwich Airport is less than half an hour from the site and Stansted is around an hour away. The closest rail station is 10 minutes away at Attleborough and has regular links to Norwich and Cambridge.

Green Glamping

In line with developing a more sustainable way of farming, Wild With Nature is run with the same principles in mind. Energy at both sites is provided by solar power, we have a water bore that provides all water at the Lakes and we recycle as much of the rubbish from our glampers as possible. We use environmentally-friendly, ethically-sourced cleaning products and toiletries which are delivered via a closed loop system (meaning we return the large bulk containers to the manufacturer for refilling) and we dispense these into our own re-fillable bottles. Our guests’ disposable dishcloths even get washed so we can reuse them as cleaning rags many times over before disposal!

We were thrilled to be recognised for our efforts when we won the Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Award at the East of England Tourism Awards in February 2022.

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