The Lakes A-Z Guide


Here’s our top tips for a happy stay:


Access - Access to the site is along farm tracks which are bumpy, not so good for sports cars!


Accommodation - You are staying in a bespoke shepherd’s hut, designed and made by the talented team at The English Shepherd’s Hut Company in Norwich. Your hut and sundowner are non-smoking areas; please dispose of any cigarette butts in the ash bins to protect the wildlife.


Bedding – We use luxury white cotton for our bed linens and all of our duvets and pillows are filled with natural duck feathers. These, do, however stain easily, so please take care and ensure you have read the guidance regarding damages in our Terms and Conditions.


Cars - Each hut has a designated parking space, please leave your car here and use the barrows to take your bags to the hut.


Cattle - We have cattle grazing on the farm. We suggest you admire them from your side of the fence and not theirs. If however your walk does take you through their field please move slowly and calmly, stay clear of cows with calves and make sure you close the gates behind you. Cows are very curious so if they come close and you feel threatened, turn quietly to face them with arms outstretched and move slowly towards the closest gate while still facing them.


Check out - Check out is at 10am on the day of departure. Please settle any money owed before leaving.  Please leave your hut, sundowner and outdoor areas as you found them (see the departures checklist in your guest folder) and let us know about anything that isn’t working or any breakages, should they occur.


Children – We welcome at The Lakes and there is lots for them to do, however due to the lack of barriers around the water’s edge, we don't feel the site is suitable for ambulant children under 5 or non-swimmers. Ultimately, the decision rests with parents as to whether they wish to bring young children at their own risk. Regardless of age, children must be supervised at all times.


Clothing - You are coming to stay on a farm and so may well encounter uneven ground, dust, mud, long grass, insects, birds and wildlife. We advise that you bring waterproof clothing, wellies or stout footwear. If planning to go into the water we also suggest a wet suit and water shoes.


Cool box - There are cool boxes available in the Surf Shack for you to use. There are also two large communal fridge-freezers in the Nest. Mallard and Teal also have their own gas fridges.


Deer - You are likely to see several types of deer on the farm including Roe, Red and Muntjac - the barking deer. They are wild and roam freely. If you are lucky enough to be here during the rutting season of which starts in late September you may well hear their prehistoric sounding roar.


Dogs - With the exception of guide dogs, unfortunately we are unable to accept dogs, on our site as it is a working farm with livestock and an abundance of wildlife.


Farm - Feel free to explore the beautiful walks on the farm. You’ll find a map with designated walks and nature trails at the back of your folder; we advise you not to roam around the farm. Please remember that this is a working farm so keep clear of livestock and farm machinery when walking. The countryside comes with its own natural hazards that we ask you to be aware of at all times, these include uneven ground, mud, insects and limited lighting at night. The large barn near to The Lakes site is in regular use as part of the working farm and is strictly not for public access.


Fire pits and Wood-burners - Please use these sensibly as they can cause injury; please read our advice on lighting wood-burners and fire pits. Fire pits must not be left unattended. We will give you an initial supply of firewood; extra firewood can be purchased at the cost of £7.50 for a crate and can be found in the surf shack. Alternatively, charcoal can be purchased at £9 per sack, if you prefer to cook over charcoal. Please only burn fuel provided by us on the fire pits and in the burners. You can pay by cash or online.

Kadai fire pits are fantastic to cook on and we provide a tripod and skillet along with more typical BBQ tools. There are plenty of recipe ideas at Kadai World which is worth looking at before you arrive.

There are fireguards available for you to use around wood burners; if you would also like one for your hut or yurt please ask or help yourself to those in the Surf Shack.


Fire Risk- Please be aware of the potential risk of fire particularly in drier months. The use of fireworks, sky lanterns, and candles other than those provided by Wild With Nature is prohibited. We reserve the right to prohibit the lighting of fires and wood burners (including hot tubs) should the risk of a fire spreading be particularly high.


Fishing - We have a small fishing syndicate who use one of our other lakes on the site of The Lakes. They use Spong Lane so care should be taken if walking on our access track. Fishing is permitted in our lake, providing you send us a copy of your fishing license.


Games - You will find a selection of board games and books in The Nest. If you use them, please ensure they are put back complete and clean. There are also some outdoor games in the Surf Shack. If playing ball games, please be considerate of your fellow glampers.


Gates – Please keep the gates at the entrance to our site locked and any other gates that you come across closed. The padlock code will be shared in your pre-arrival email.


Grease- Please try not to put any fat from cooking down the sinks as the drains are likely to get blocked. There are small buckets of sawdust to tip any fat into, these can be found inside the Nest, under the outdoor kitchen sinks.


Hampers - We can put together breakfast or pizza glamper hampers if ordered at least one week before arrival. For details and ordering, see our Online Shop here.


Hot Tubs- We have a wood fired hot tub for you to use that seats 4-5 people at a time. This is included in the hire of the site for exclusive use bookings and can be booked on a first come, first served basis by individual guests at a cost of £30 per night, including a bin of wood for the burner. It will be filled for you, however may need to be topped up using the hose. Please ensure that you empty the tub before you leave using the lever at the base of the tub, behind the woodburner. The woodburner will need to be cool to do this to prevent damage to the equipment. Please ensure that you read the safety instructions provided in your folder and on our website.


Local Shops - We have an excellent butchers in the village, Barnards, on Low Road ( open Tuesday - Saturday. They stock a small selection of fruit, vegetables, cheese, cakes, jam and chutneys. There is also a farm shop at Rookery Farm, Great Ellingham, 3 miles away, open 7 days a week 10am-2pm,


Nest - is our safari tent area at The Lakes for you to cook, eat, relax and socialise in. From here you can light the pellet stove, snuggle down on a cosy sofa and watch the wildlife and water. We have two kitchen areas inside, equipped with utensils and kitchenware, two fridge freezers, two gas hobs and a selection of games and books. There is also a large fire pit out the front, perfect for huddling around and roasting marshmallows. The outdoor kitchen is next-door, which also has two large fire-pits with swing-over grills, a gas plancha (hotplate) and pizza oven.

The entire front of the Nest can be unzipped and rolled up to enable you to enjoy the amazing view. This takes two people. Unzip the zips on either side and remove the retaining pins from the holder before rolling the canvas up around the metal pole. Clip the pole up using the black plastic clips. Please return the retaining pins to their holes so they don't get lost under the decking!

When the front of the tent is open, there's a gap along the length of the front which needs to be covered using the wooden threshold. Instructions for this are on the veranda. The gap and the threshold are trip hazards, so care need to be taken in this area.

If you are the last in the Nest at night, please ensure that the deckchairs and beanbags are brought inside, the front is closed and zipped, the lights are turned off and the back door is zipped shut.


Pizza Oven - There is a wood-fired pizza oven in the communal outdoor kitchen. This gets up to heat within about 40-60 minutes enabling you to cook delicious pizzas at a rate of knots! It can also be used as an oven to cook joints of meat. You might wish to order one of our pizza hampers or other recipe ideas can be found on .


Ponies - At some times of the year we have Welsh mountain ponies grazing in our nature area at the Lakes. Feel free to walk in this area, but you may attract the attention of inquisitive ponies. Please don’t feed the ponies (they may bite or kick) and remember to close the gates behind you.


Rubbish- Each hut contains bins and there is a supply of bin bags in the kitchen areas. It is your responsibility to bag your general refuse and remove all rubbish and recycling from your hut and surrounding area. We recycle as much as possible; cardboard, plastic and cans should be put in a bin altogether; glass is recycled separately. Please rinse out your containers and use the appropriate bins, which can be found behind your hut.


Safety on site - You have come to Wild With Nature for a unique experience and some of the activities available such as wild swimming, slack lines, use of fire and use of the boats have dangerous aspects which we will expect you to understand and respect at your own risk. Wherever possible we have provided safe equipment and put in place precautions and safety measures. However you must rely on your own judgement and be aware of your abilities before deciding whether to undertake any activity at Wild With Nature. We will ask that you sign a disclaimer to this effect prior to your arrival to confirm that you have read/will read our guidance regarding the safety aspects of the site on our website or in the guest folders.


Showers and loos - We have provided environmentally friendly toiletries by Miniml. Please only flush paper and human waste down the loo and dispose of anything else in the bins provided.


Slack Lines - Test your balance on these but they are to be used at your own risk. We advise you do not use them under the influence of alcohol.


Solar Power - The sites are entirely off grid, all electricity is provided by solar power. Please try and be as green as possible with your energy use and turn off lights when not needed. If you exhaust the supply it won’t replenish until the sun shines!


Water -  All cold water around the site is drinkable; water containers can be filled at any of the taps or stand pipes. Please do not drink water from the hot taps or showers.


Water Sports - We have a hybrid-paddleboards and a topper sailing dinghy for you to use on the lake. There is no supervision at The Lakes; water activities are done entirely at your own risk. Please only use the dinghy if you are a competent sailor, as there is no supervision or rescue boat available. You will find the sail rolled and stored on the shaded side of the Nest. Please replace it after you have finished.  The buoyancy aids in your Surf Shack are a universal fit so can be adjusted to fit most people; please contact us if you are unsure how to do this. Please wear them when on the water. After using, rinse them in fresh water and hang them up to dry.


Wi-fi - There is none! Turn off your screens and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty that nature has to offer.


Wild Swimming - There are several bodies of water at The Lakes, but please only swim in the large lake adjacent to the site. The far left of the lake is quite shallow and there is often a lot of weed in the water. Take care when swimming as the water will be very cold - we suggest wearing a wet suit and water shoes. We also advise you not to dive off the jetties.

There is no supervision at The Lakes; boating, paddle boarding and swimming are done entirely at your own risk. You should be aware of your own ability and must not take to the water when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if you are pregnant or have any heart condition. Safety equipment is provided at the lakeside. Please take note of the guidelines on safe wild swimming and the emergency procedure in the guest folder and on our website.

Do not go swimming on your own or when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.