Wild With Nature’s eco-credentials

Summer 2024

Our eco-credentials

We are proud of our eco-credentials. 

We don’t like saying ‘sustainability’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ if we can help it, because we think these terms have become so commonly used that they’ve lost their meaning. So we try and explain exactly what we mean when we say that we run our glamping ecotourism retreat in a way that’s most beneficial to the environment: 

  • Our electricity is generated through solar power. 
  • Fresh drinking water is provided by a borehole. 
  • All food and drink ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, mostly within an 8-mile radius. This not only minimises travel miles, it helps support local communities – something we are passionate about. Our delicious breakfast hampers are stocked with produce from: 
    • Orchid Apiaries have hives on the wider estate, and supply our honey when possible 
  • Our cleaning products and toiletries only use natural ingredients and are sourced from British company Miniml,  whose refillable system also minimises plastic use.   
  • Our entire glamping retreat is situated on a conservation site, aiming to restore the landscape and enhance biodiversity!

By glamping with us, you will be contributing to these efforts in a very real way, so you can feel smug that you’re doing good in the world while enjoying yourself on holiday!