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Wild With Nature


Protecting and Restoring Wildlife Habitats.

Oxygen Conservation became custodians of this spectacular estate in August 2023, and are delighted to protect and build upon the previous owners’ conservation works. Our long-term vision is to continue Scaling Conservation alongside and in partnership with regenerative agriculture, to protect and restore wildlife habitats.

We aim to plant woodland corridors to connect and extend areas of ancient woodland, and create flower-rich habitats. The benefits of such conservation works are already being felt: the range of birdlife here on the estate is extraordinarily wide, and includes several rare and declining species.


Witness the transformation of an incredible landscape.

We are thrilled to be able to provide such favourable habitats for these rare bird species, and our restorative works aim to improve conditions still further. We will be increasing scrub and wildflower meadows while enhancing marshy wetlands, all with the aim of providing better breeding cover for birds and a richer habitat for insects, including several key bee species. A larger goal is to improve the health and biodiversity of the River Thet, while simultaneously making it more ecologically resilient and less prone to flooding.

The results of this large-scale conservation work are already being seen (and heard!) across the estate, and visitors will continue to see startling improvements as we gradually transform this incredible landscape.


Not just sustainable, but regenerative practices.

We are thrilled to showcase our thriving pocket of countryside here at Wild With Nature, and welcome guests to enjoy the restorative effects of the woods, wildflowers, and birdsong as nature flourishes around you.

  • Our cleaning products and toiletries are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, utilising a ‘closed loop’ system where we return large bulk containers for refilling, then decant into our own reusable bottles. We also re-purpose old sheets/towels as cleaning cloths and recycle other materials were possible.

  • All food and drink ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, including meat, bread, eggs, fruit, vegetables, jam, marmalade and honey from villages within an 8-mile radius.

  • To help minimise our ecotourism footprint on the land, we are proud to power electricity at both sites entirely through solar power.

  • A borehole provides fresh drinking water, and we recycle as much as possible.