Balancing ecotourism and conservation

Summer 2024

As an ecotourism glamping retreat with conservation at our heart we often challenge ourselves. How do we balance protecting and restoring the environment with creating an immersive, nature-based experience? By welcoming people and actively encouraging them to explore the estate, aren’t we negatively impacting the land?  

It’s a hard balance to strike, but we believe that loving and protecting the environment starts with immersing yourself in it. We want to create aspirational spaces and experiences, in the hope of inspiring people to become advocates for the environment – and we can’t do that by shutting you out.

So instead, we cut minimal paths through our wildflower meadows to allow people to explore safely but in a limited area. When we come across fallen trees, we utilise some for firewood, but leave most to create amazing habitats. And we hope to inspire you to do your bit at home, to leave garden corners wild, or create your own bug hotel.  

We’re not perfect, but we try to strike the best balance and will always learn from our experiences.