Why we love wild swimming

Summer 2024

We at Wild With Nature love wild swimming and are huge advocates for the benefits it brings us.  

We’re so lucky to have the amazing lakes on our doorstep, not just for the fantastic array of wildlife who make their home here, but for the outdoor exercise we can gain. Being a conservation site, we always try to ensure any use of the lakes is in a sensitive and responsible fashion with respect to the resident flora and fauna.  

We’ve tried to distil the top five reasons why we love wild swimming so much – it was a hard task but these are the overall themes from the Wild With Nature team: 

  • Improves our mental health 
  • It’s invigorating, and gives us more energy 
  • Helps us connect with nature 
  • Gives us a sense of freedom 
  • Makes us feel fitter and stronger 

Plus, the wild swimming lake at Wild With Nature is really beautiful! 

These reasons feed into the broader theme of why the site is so special to us. It’s scientifically proven that green spaces not only improve our moods by boosting our brains’ serotonin and dopamine levels, but being outdoors amid nature also helps reduce anxiety, anger and frustration. In essence, it significantly improves our mental wellbeing. This is the central ethos of Wild With Nature (it’s in the name!), and something that we aim to facilitate as much as we can.  

So, we provide wooden jetties, buoyancy aids and life rings to encourage safe access and use of the lakes. We cut and maintain minimal paths through the wildflower meadows and woodland to allow guests to explore these nature havens. We bridge the gap between inside and outdoors with spaces like the Nest, our communal safari tent at the Lakes site, and the Sundowner cabins at Honeypot Meadow. Binoculars are on hand to enhance your wildlife watching experience and maps available for those wanting to adventure further afield. 

It’s our belief that in order to become an advocate for nature, you must experience it yourself. What better way than through (safe) adventuring in the outdoors?