How To: Wood Fired Pizza Oven


There's nothing like the taste and smell of freshly cooked pizza. A large, wood-fired oven like this can be daunting at first but you can follow this simple step by step for faff-free pizza goodness!

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Step 1:


Start a small fire with a firelighters and kindling in the metal tray

Add small pieces of wood, a few at a time

Push it to the left hand side of the oven

Step 2:


Replace the oven door but leave a small gap on the left side

Step 3:


Keep adding more wood until the temperature reaches 400°C

Step: 4


Put a good sprinkling of semolina on the pizza peel before you put the dough onto the peel.

Step 5:

Pizza Making in the Outdoor Kitchen
Pizza Making in the Outdoor Kitchen

On a board, pull or roll your dough out to desired size.

Put the flattened dough onto the semolina covered pizza peel.

Now add sauce and toppings!

Step 6:

pizza oven

Slide pizza off peel into oven

If oven is up to temperature pizzas  should only take 2-3 minutes to cook.

Keep door closed as much as possible but turn pizza once or twice during cooking

Step 7:


Shimmy your cooked pizza onto a board, cut and enjoy!

Brush out any burnt semolina into ash bucket before cooking the next pizza.